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Different screensavers

Free Nascar Screensaver | License: Freeware |

Download this staggering Free Nascar Screensaver and make your desktop a place of a real drive!

- Excellent images
- Lots of sports scenes
- Outstanding transition effects
- Nascar action on your desktop!.

Publisher: 3D ScreenSaver Downloads| Date: 20-03-2006 | Size: 3072 KB

Free Nascar Racing Screensaver | License: Freeware |

You've waited for it long and at last it is released – Free Nascar Racing Screensaver! With this screensaver you'll meet all Nascar stars – Jeff Gordon, Bill Elliott, etc. – and experience the brightest moments with them. Join the Nascar sport team right now!

Outstanding images
Lots of Nascar stars and sport cars
Speedy transition effects
Join the Nascar team!.

Publisher: Desktop XP| Date: 06-04-2006 | Size: 3072 KB

Free Winter Olympic Screensaver | License: Freeware |

A great free screensaver for all winter sport fans! All skating, skiing, ski jumping, snowboard, hockey and bobsleigh stars who you meet in Torino 2006 are just one click away from you. The cool screensaver will certainly make you hot this cool olympic winter.

Wonderful high-quality images
Great variety of exciting winter sport scenes
Cool transition effects
The hottest olympic winter!.

Publisher: Desktop XP| Date: 01-02-2006 | Size: 2355 KB

Free Dale Earnhardt Jr. Screensaver | License: Freeware |

Dale Jr. started his #8 driver career with vivid dreams of Daytona 500 victory. In 2004 his dream came true. With this screensaver you get a chance to relive this and many other brightest moments in Dale Jr.'s sports life with him! Download and enjoy!.

Publisher: Desktop XP| Date: 13-10-2006 | Size: 3072 KB

Free Olympic Screensaver | License: Freeware |

Winter is a great time for sports, especially this one. This Free Olympic Screensaver will make you feel the tense atmosphere of the upcoming Olympic Games.

- Exciting high-quality images
- Variety of wonderful winter sport scenes
- Great transition effects
- Feel the real atmosphere of the Olympic Games!.

Publisher: 3D ScreenSaver Downloads| Date: 14-02-2006 | Size: 2355 KB

Free Soccer Screensaver | License: Freeware |

This is a cool screensaver for all the soccer fans! Download it now and meet your favourite soccer players from Real Madrid, Chelsea and other clubs!

- Excellent images
- Variety of soccer scenes
- Premium transition effects
- Meet your favourite soccer players!.

Publisher: 3D ScreenSaver Downloads| Date: 20-06-2006 | Size: 2867 KB

Free Football Stars Screensaver | License: Freeware |

Hey! FIFA World Cup is in its prime and you have a unique chance to invite Ronaldo, Zidane, Owen and other football stars over absolutely free! Just download this outstanding screensaver and you are on the all-star team!

Premium images
Great variety of scenes
Excellent transition effects
Join the team of football stars!.

Publisher: Desktop XP| Date: 05-07-2006 | Size: 2867 KB

World Flags | License: Shareware |

Looking for a quality 3D flag screensaver? Lucky you - you just stumbled upon Net's finest animated flag screensaver. In this case, 3D animation means top-notch real physics modeling based on cool wind-blowing algorithm, not some weird cartoonish-looking flapping banner. World Flags Screensaver comes with a database of 100 flags, but you can add flags of provinces and territories, corporate logos, sport teams or even your own photograph. A flag of me? Hey, that's a groovy idea! Better press that download button right now..

Publisher: Kozyr Denis| Date: 25-10-2004 | Size: 668 KB

Thinking Digital Info Desk | License: Freeware |

Freeware application for getting the latest news and sport direct to your desktop. The software is free of charge and includes live feeds for news, sport and odd news. Created and distributed by Thinking Digital www.thinking-digital.com..

Publisher: Thinking Digital| Date: 01-09-2005 | Size: 781 KB

Streaming Stats World Cup Edition | License: Freeware |

Freeware application for getting the latest news, sport and World Cup 2006 direct to your desktop. The software is free of charge and includes live feeds for news, sport and World Cup 2006 including your team news. You can choose from the 32 competing nations and get live news and scores all day. Created and distributed by Thinking Digital www.thinking-digital.com..

Publisher: Thinking Digital| Date: 16-04-2006 | Size: 1744 KB

Free Motorcycle Screen Saver | License: Freeware |

This screensaver features an awesome collection of the world's finest, and most sought after, motorcycles from the leading manufactures such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and others. Download it now and get an exclusive motorcycle fleet right on your desktop absolutely free!

- High-quality images
- Lots of outstanding motorcycles
- Cool transition effects
- Get an exclusive motorcycle fleet absolutely free!.

Publisher: 3D ScreenSaver Downloads| Date: 19-01-2007 | Size: 2458 KB

News Screensaver | License: Shareware |

News Screensaver is a screensaver that will allow you to always have the most recent news, weather forecasts and stock quotes on the computer screen. The screensaver supports all RSS, RDF and Atom formats. The program is shipped with the set of more than 100 links to variously themed news feeds, such as Top News, Business, Science, Sport, Regional, Technology, Industries, Health. Moreover, you can always add the necessary news feed yourself. If you have a permanent internet connection, News Screensaver will automatically check the feeds for updates. The primary advantages of the program are: configurable interface, low system requirements, simplicity and convenience of usage.

Publisher: ExtraLabs Software| Date: 23-02-2008 | Size: 3356 KB

Streaming Stats | License: Freeware |

Freeware application for getting the latest news, sport, soccer and cricket direct to your desktop. The software is free of charge and includes live feeds for news, sport, odd news, english premier league, champions league and cricket scores. Available from www.streaming-stats.com.

Publisher: Thinking Digital| Date: 01-09-2005 | Size: 1107 KB

Sport Icons | License: Demo |

Sport Icons is a new collection of eye-catching icons specially designed for use on websites and in software applications devoted to sport. These unique well-crafted icons represent different kinds of sport, sport goods and competitions. Each unique icon displays its own colourful and detailed symbol. The collection includes such popular icons, for multipurpose use as football, basketball, tennis, skate-boarding, dancing, fitness, chess and others. Icons create the image of any website and software application and reflect its purpose and functionality, so it is crucial to choose icons that would suit the developer's needs best and make a site or application stands out from thousands of others.

Publisher: Aha-soft| Date: 10-01-2007 | Size: 702 KB